The Darklands Book Featured at Local San Diego Library Showcase

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I just wanted to share that my book, The Darklands: A Melanesian Experience, was featured at the San Diego Library’s 57th Annual Author Showcase at the downtown San Diego library branch on January 27, 2023.

The Book’s Summary:

The Darklands acutely examines the mysterious and unique cultural practices of the

Melanesian islands. The book delves into legends, supernatural beings, and haunting

places, and explores the dark realms of the region. Its underlining story shows how

the “Melanesian Way of Life” has been compromised by colonial governments,

missionaries, and Europeans desire to exploit the islands, and the Melanesian

people’s struggle to regain some of their traditional beliefs and customs.

Additionally, interwoven throughout the book are some of the author’s adventures

while serving as a volunteer archivist throughout the region.


The Darklands can be found on and Barnes &

The San Diego Public Library was proud to sponsor the 2022 Showcase, featuring published works by San Diego’s most talented authors. The event was live and in-person! The showcase featured a stunning collection of display cabinets filled with locally authored books from several different genres.

The display will be available for public browsing for the entire month of February, afterwards the books will be prepared to circulate for one year. Books will also be featured in an online exhibit.

The gala included multi-award winning local author T. Greenwood who delivered the keynote speech. The evening also featured local jazz musicians, Ria & Aaron, light refreshments, a limited open mike event* and a few more surprises, including a Library Shop sponsored breakout session with the International Memoir Writers Association featuring several authors from their annual Memoir Showcase contest, collected and published as Shaking the Tree Volume Four: That’s a Terrible Idea. What Time? with free copies of the book for a few lucky breakout attendees.


57th Annual Local Author Showcase at the San Diego Downtown Branch, January 27, 2023. Photo by Brandon Oswald


The Darklands prominently displayed at the 57th Annual San Diego Author’s Showcase on January 27, 2023. Photo by Brandon Oswald.


Books on display by local San Diego authors during the 57th Annual San Diego Local Author Showcase, January 27, 2023. Photo by Brandon Oswald.

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