CHamoru Voices Encourage Younger Generations

Journalist, Janessa Quitano of the Pacific Daily News recently wrote an article about how Serafin Tedtaotao, age 26, said it is up to the younger generations to keep the CHamoru culture alive.

Tedtaotao brought his four nephews to a new exhibit at the Guam Museum and studied the “unpacking terms” section of CHamoru words, historic timelines and different resources focused on the topic of self-determination.

“I just want this new generation to see that CHamoru culture, our culture, is important. This is a part of us,” Tedtaotao said.

The museum hosted “Silebra I Kotturå-ta yan i Hinanao-ta (Celebrate Our Culture And Our Journey)” on Thursday to wrap up Mes CHamoru.

The new exhibit, which opened last month, is “Fanohge CHamoru Put I Tano’-Ta: Charting Our Collective Future.” It chronicles the history of CHamoru political self-determination. “What are we without our culture? What are we without our heritage and our traditions? We are who we are,” Tedtaotao said.


In the afternoon, Tony Mantanona from Valley of the Latte hosted weaving and coconut candy-making workshops at the museum.

The event ended with musical and cultural entertainment from the Guam Territorial Band and Para i Probechu’n i Taotao-Ta.

Not all the visitors were CHamoru, but all could learn from the exhibits.

Donally Aldis, from Pohnpei, enjoyed the presentations. “The museum tells us a lot about our ancestors. It’s amazing, and I’m glad I can see everything,” he said.

Brief remarks were given by dignitaries and sponsors, including Pacific Daily News President Rindraty Celes Limtaco.

Limtiaco spoke about her experiences growing up as a child on Guam, and how she regrets that she didn’t ask more about the CHamoru culture from her grandfather.

“I still connect to my culture and my family through those experiences from my past. But those connections don’t exist anymore for many of the younger generations,” Limtiaco said. “That’s why events like today’s are really important. It, at the very least, gives the younger generations a chance to experience some of those things that their parents, like me, took for granted,” Limtiaco said.

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