“The Island in Me” Film Update

I recently received an update regarding the documentary film, The Island in Me, that I’d like to share…

After the 41st Hawai’i International Film Festival, the director of the film, Gemma Cubero del Barrio, traveled to Tahiti with The Island In Me for the 19th FIFO. She shared an unforgettable experience with viewers in French Polynesia and Caledonia who felt the film spoke to their own experiences too. The documentary received a lot of attention and won the Special Jury Prize at the 19th Festival International du Film Documentaire Océanien FIFO in Tahiti.

The film continues to show on French Television.

The film is about three women who travel to the remote Polynesian atoll of Pukapuka in the South Pacific, taking the viewer into a riveting and poetic journey on memory, love, loss, identity and the universal search for wholeness.

After Tahiti, Johnny Frisbie along with her lovely daughter Carla and husband Alistair, Amelia with her parents Nancy and Rob and Gemma all traveled from Hawai’i to Aotearoa to celebrate the premiere of The Island In Me in New Zealand at the  DOCEDGE Film Festival. We also met up with Pio Ravarua, Executive Officer of Pukapuka and many others to celebrate the film. The  film showed in three cities – Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington -with all sold out screenings.

The Pukapukan community introduced the film with blessings, songs and heartfelt expressions.Many audience members cried and shared their own memories and stories of Pukapuka. Johnny also turned 90 and celebrated by bungee jumping off the Sky Tower!

The Island In Me at Cinequest in 2023! The festival started last week with his virtual edition called Cinejoy. From March 1st through March 12th you and anyone in the world has access to watch  The Island In Me ! To do this just go to the film page, click on the watch button the view film,  vote by clicking on the rate button and also RSVP for a virtual gathering with the creative team, friends and supporters of the film, for this click on the join the screening party button.

The virtual screening party will be on zoom on Saturday March 11th at 6PM, Pacific Standard Time. To get the zoom link with your local time and join that day click on Cinejoy Virtual Screenings Parties, scroll down to find The Island in Me and just click on RSVP.

Once the film completes the film festival circuit this year, you will hear from us, to inform you on ways to acquire  copies of the film etc…Gemma remembers you have been asking! Till then we hope this update brought you happiness and that participating in Cinejoy will be a wonderful communal experience!


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