New Sculpture on Rarotonga

A couple of months ago the Cook Islands News ran an article by Jaimie Keay that I’ve been meaning to share. It was about how a new sculpture at the Royale Takitumu Resort was catching the attention of tourists, as well as it was attracting the locals.

To see a photo of the sculpture please click here.

he 4.2-meter piece designed by Samoan artist Fatu Feu’u is called To’a Savili, which translates to “The One who calms the breeze.” Feu’u was here for the installation last week and said the piece came to Rarotonga through his relationship with the owners of Royale Takitumu, John and Rose Dunn.

Feu’u said, “I know both John and Rose as patrons of the arts scene in Auckland and they were very keen to bring this sculpture here to Rarotonga but we were a little reluctant to let it go to be honest, but I am very happy that they could bring it here and I am thrilled with how it has fitted in so nicely to their property.”

The piece which weighs almost 2 tons, is for all people of the Pacific to enjoy, Feu’u said. “It is inspired by Rapa Nui, with the big nose and big eyes but it is almost not specifically a Samoan sculpture but instead my idea was going back to the early Polynesian times.”

Feu’u has been a professional artist, and calls himself “the granddaddy of art in the Pacific”. “I hope that both locals and tourists who come and stay here, but also are coming past, come in and enjoy the piece. “I also hope that some of the local kids might be inspired by it, they might not necessarily become artists but we have many that are now ending up as art teachers and helping the next generation to develop their personal style and creativity.”

While the piece is already on-display to the public, Royal Takitumu are planning to have a special dedication ceremony early in the new year, with dignitaries and local artists to be invited alongside Feu’u.


A motu- Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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