New Language Book in Cook Islands

A month or so ago The Cook Islands News ran an article written by Shar van Leeuwen about how the Tereora College Dragons Den Young Enterprise Scheme winners were selling their book Rarotongan Basic Phrase Book during the school’s trade day.


The book is selling well among pupils and teachers and the group is researching economical ways to make the book available to overseas buyers. “We’ve had a lot of interest from overseas and people Facebooking even through the night,” says financial director Temaui Makimare.

The pocket-sized phrase book contains everything a non, or partial speaker needs to get started communicating in Maori, with everyday phrases and interpretations. As well, there are pages dedicated to the alphabet, vowels, grammar, phonics, numbers and more. “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to follow and to satisfy the market in that way, but mostly the idea is to maintain the language,” says the books’ CEO Kavika Nicholas.

The book has had its final reprint and has undergone a couple of changes before the reprint. “We forgot to thank our parents and also Cook Islands printing services, and as well we’ve put our contact details in the back, so that people can get hold of us.”

The book is easy to handle and easy to read Buyers can either purchase them for themselves, or send them offshore as gifts. They’re available from Tereora school or the group’s Facebook page “Korero with Me”.

Because of unforeseen extra costs, the book’s price has had to be increased from $7.00, but at $10 it is still a bargain.

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