Naghol Land Diving

An interesting ritual (festival) is currently taking place on the southern end of the island of Pentecost, Vanuatu. It is the Naghol Land Diving where men jump boldly from a spiked tower, hurtling to the ground attached only by jungle vines.

Between April and June every year, on a Saturday, men in the southern part of the island jump from tall towers (around 20 to 30 m) with vines tied to their feet, in a ritual believed to ensure a good yam harvest and fertility for men. The vine diving ritual is also now used to show acceptance into manhood.

Incredibly, the last reported death was in 1974 while Queen Elizabeth II was visiting the island. Apparently, the unfortunate islander died because the jump was performed too early in the year when the vines were much less elastic than usual. Legend has it that the diver died because he chose to carry a good luck charm to protect himself. It is now considered bad luck to carry a good luck charm.

Here’s a link for more information regarding this unusual ritual/festival.






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