Pacific Artifacts Go Online

The Australian Network News has reported that the British Museum has placed thousands of artifacts from the Pacific Islands online.

Until now many Pacific Islanders would never have got the chance to see these treasures, even ones made by their own people.

Ben Burt, one of the Oceania curators, states,

“I see our Melanesian collection as a repository of historical and cultural and artistic information which should be available for Pacific Islanders to reconstitute their culture.”

He then goes on to say,

“In the British Museum we have artefacts which have not been seen in their home countries for many years, many generations, things which in some cases people have entirely forgotten, in other cases things which they remember but don’t have any longer.”

I encourage anyone interested to read the short article, and to visit the British Museum online to view the Pacific Islands collection.

About islandculturearchivalsupport

Island Culture Archival Support (ICAS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of records pertaining to the cultural identity of island peoples in Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia whose national and public archives, libraries, cultural centers, and business organizations are underprivileged, underfunded, and understaffed. The specific purpose for which this nonprofit corporation was formed is to support the needs of these South Pacific cultural heritage institutions by helping to preserve and make accessible records created for business, accountability or cultural purposes. The organization will endeavor to add value by providing resources or volunteers to advise, train, and work among island residents to support their efforts in building their future and preserving their collective memory through the use of modern archival techniques.
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