PNG Dissertations and Theses

I would like to share that the The UC San Diego Library has recently completed a project to digitize and provide online access to fifty-two dissertations and theses that document anthropological (and related) research in Papua New Guinea. Access to them can be easily found by browsing “By Collection/Library” and selecting “Papua New Guinea Highlands dissertations” under the “Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology”.

Titles include:

Ballard, Chris. The death of a great land : ritual, history and subsistence revolution in the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea.

• Boyd, David James. Crops, kiaps, and currency : flexible behavioral strategies among the Ilakia Awa of Papua New Guinea.

• Bragginton, Joan Rachel. Patterns of interaction in the Beha Valley : a study of social organization in the eastern highlands of New Guinea.

• Brandewie, Ernest. An internal analysis of the kinship system of the Mbowamb of the Central Highlands of New Guinea.
• Buchbinder, Georgeda. Maring microadaptation : a study of demographic, nutritional, genetic and phenotypic variation in a Highland New Guinea population.
• Bulmer, Ralph. Leadership and social structure among the Kyaka people of the Western Highlands District of New Guinea.
• Burkins, Donald E. Waiting for “Company” : development on the periphery of the periphery in the Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
• Burton, John. Axe makers of the Wahgi: pre-colonial industrialists of the Papua New Guinea highlands.
• Cook, Edwin A. Manga social organization.
• Crittenden, Robert. Sustenance, seasonality and social cycles on the Nembi Plateau, Papua New Guinea.
• Dornstreich, Mark David. An ecological study of Gadio Enga (New Guinea) subsistence.
• Feachem, Richard G. Environment and health in a New Guinea Highlands community.
• Flanagan, James Gerard. Wovan social organization.
• Gibbs, Philip. Ipili religion, past and present.
• Glick, Leonard B. Foundations of a primitive medical system : the Gimi of the New Guinea highlands.
• Hawkes, Kristen. Binumarien : kinship and cooperation in a New Guinea highlands community.
• Hayano, David M. Marriage, alliance and warfare : the Tauna Awa of New Guinea.
• Hays, Terence E. Mauna : explorations in Ndumba ethnobotany.
• Healey, Christopher J. Hunting of birds of paradise and trade in plumes in the Jimi Valley, Western Highlands District.
• Helden, Flip van. Through the thicket : disentangling the social dynamics of an integrated conservation and development project on mainland Papua New Guinea.
• Hide, Robin Lamond. Aspects of pig production and use in colonial Sinasina, Papua New Guinea.
• Howlett, Diana R. (Diana Rosemary) A decade of change in the Goroka Valley, New Guinea [electronic resource] : land use and development in the 1950s.
• Jablonko, Allison Peters. Dance and daily activities among the Maring people of New Guinea : a cinematographic analysis of body movement style.
• Johannes, Adell. Illness and medical care in a New Guinea Highlands society.
• Johnson, S. Ragnar. Secret knowledge : an analysis of Ommura ceremonies.
• Keil, Dana Eddy. The inter-group economy of the Nekematigi, Eastern Highlands District, New Guinea.
• Lacey, Roderic. Oral traditions as history : an exploration of oral sources among the Enga of the New Guinea highlands.
• Langlas, Charles Milford. Foi land use, prestige economics and residence : a processual analysis.
• Langness, Lewis. L. Bena Bena social structure.
• Leininger, Madeleine M. Convergence and divergence of human behavior : an ethnopsychological comparative study of two Gadsup villages in the eastern highlands of New Guinea.
• Leroy, John D. Kewa reciprocity : cooperation and exchange in a New Guinea Highland culture.
• Levine, Harold Gary. Intra-cultural variability and ethnographic description : a decision-making analysis of funerary behavior among the New Guinea Kafe.
• Mayer, Jessica R. Sickness, healing and gender in Ommura, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea.
• Modjeska, Charles J. Nicholas. Production among the Duna : aspects of horticultural intensification in central New Guinea.
• Muke, John D. The Wahgi opo Kumbo : an account of warfare in the Central Highlands of New Guinea.
• Munster, Peter M. A history of contact and change in the Goroka Valley, Central Highlands of New Guinea, 1934-1949.
• Munster, Peter M. The ground of the ancestors : a history of Goroka.
• Newman, Philip (Philip L.) Supernaturalism and ritual among the Gururumba.
• Overfield, Duncan. The economics of social subordination : gender relations and market failure in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.
• Pflanz, Susan Marie. Manga entrepreneurial strategies (1956-1972).
• Podolefsky, Aaron. Pattern, process, and decision-making in New Guinea Highlands dispute handling.
• Rappaport, Roy A. Ritual in the ecology of a New Guinea people : an anthropological study of the Tsembaga Maring.
• Read, Kenneth E. Native thought and the war in the Pacific : a study of the effects of the Pacific war on a native community of the Markham Valley, Australian Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
• Ryan, D’Arcy. Gift exchange in the Mendi Valley : an examination of the socio-political implications of the ceremonial exchange of wealth among the people of Mendi Valley, Southern Highlands District, Papua.
• Salisbury, Richard Frank, 1926- Economic change among the Siane tribes of New Guinea.
• Smith, Robert Millard. Conversion and continuity : response to missionization in the Papua New Guinea highlands.
• Standish, William Austin. Simbu paths to power : political change and cultural continuity in the Papua New Guinea highlands.
• Steadman, Lyle B. Neighbours and killers : residence and dominance among the Hewa of New Guinea.
• Thomas, William H. Traditional environmental knowledge and its implications for modern conservation among the Hewa of Papua New Guinea.
• Willis, Ian J. An epic journey : the 1930 expedition of Michael Leahy and Michael Dwyer across New Guinea via the Purari River.
• Wohlt, Paul Brandin. Ecology, agriculture and social organization : the dynamics of group composition in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.
• Zuckerman, Steven, 1952- Incorporating the world system : culture and historical transformation among the Kamano of Papua New Guinea.

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